Yes! Decide the look of your curls yourself by playing with the looseness or tightness of the tool; the tighter you pull your hair around the tool, the tighter your curls will end up (and vice versa of course).

Yes! – brush out your natural curl with some water so your hair is as straight as possible, then use the tool as usual

Yes! – but your hair should be at least shoulder length!

Yes! There is no foam or rods inside the tool (only microfibre) so you can use hairspray and oils knowing that your Hot Without Heat tool can be washed afterwards.

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For the best results, sleep with it! Otherwise leave the tool in for at least 3 hours or till the hair is dry.

If you are interested in the exact shipping cost for your country, you can check that at the shopping cart page by filling in your address and press ‘update’.

Yes! Even if you are a side and/or stomach sleeper, no stress! Because you pull the bun at the top of your head, it won’t get in the way during your beauty sleep.

We suggest using Hot Without Heat on clean hair with some dampness for optimal results. If you want to add extra moisture and shine, we love using a good hair oil. Just a dime size in the palm will do the trick! Apply to your hair right before you put on your Hot Without Heat tool. Once your curls are ready to go – they should stay strong all day! If you want some extra hold, we suggest using a salon grade hairspray to keep those curls in place!

We only want perfection for you! That is why we suggest using our tool when your hair is 95% dry. If you are using the tool on hair that is too wet the curls will end up frizzy. If your hair already is 100% dry, we suggest to use our spray bottle that is included with your order. This will give your hair the perfect amount of mist.

We do not accept any returns due to hygienic requirements and safety standards on all hair products, especially during the COVID pandemic.

We suggest using your Hot Without Heat tool right before you go to bed. All you have to do is apply, sleep and wake up flawless! Taking the Hot Without Heat tool out, only takes a couple minutes in the morning – so wake up with the hottest curls, without heat.

Our Hot w/o Heat tool is a handmade product. It’s made piece by piece with a lot of love! The tool is filled with a soft flexible poly fiber filling. We only want your hair to be as healthy and shiny as possible so for the fabric of the tool we use a soft microfiber. This also helps preventing frizz when you take out your tool!