About Hot Without Heat

How about waking up with the perfect curls, without damaging your hair? With our specially developed hair tool you can create the hottest curls without applying heat, just by sleeping with it; goals!

Made of sustainable microfibres that are not harmful to your hair and provide strength while sleeping, so you don’t have to worry about the hair tool sagging or coming loose during a wild night, as often happens with hair tools that are made of a satin-like fabrics. Even if you are a side and/or stomach sleeper, no stress! Because you pull the bun at the top of your head, it won’t get in the way during your beauty sleep. 

Decide the look of your curls yourself by playing with the looseness or tightness of the tool; the tighter you pull the tool, the tighter you pull your hair around the tool, the tighter your curls will end up (and vice versa of course).

Skip all the expensive and time-consuming hair tools that damage your hair in the long term by applying heat and spend a night with Hot Without Heat.

Wake up with the hottest curls, without heat.