My story

My name is Quinty Mirjam de Vries, founder & owner of Hot Without Heat. Ever since I was little I was busy with my hair. Hairstyles, grooming, modeling, I loved it all. Since 2,5 years I have been active on the social media platform Tiktok. Here I have become one of the biggest ‘hair’ Tiktokers in the world with a nice reach of 3.5 million followers. I am one of the lucky ones who was able to make her hobby her job, for which I am still enormously grateful every day. As I have been involved in conceiving and creating “hair” content on a daily basis for 2.5 years now, something started to catch my eye. I was missing something in this industry, and didn’t understand why it didn’t already exist. I’m talking about ‘heatless curls’ so being able to create curls without using heat. And then specifically in this case, with sleep comfort. In those 2.5 years of my Tiktok career, I experimented a lot with different heatless hair tools that should allow you to create curls. In doing so, I came to the following conclusion: there are NO tools on the current market where any “layman” in the hair field can create curls WITHOUT damaging the hair and WITH sleep comfort. This is where my idea was born. I started to try what was possible with, among other things, the cord of my bathrobe. Sounds crazy, but I saw something in it. The result was there but not as I wanted, the curl was limp and sagged quickly. But from here I was able to build on my design. I drew the tool freehand and figured out what materials, sizes etc would be good for my idea. After testing many samples of my design the tool was finally finished, perfectly as I wanted it ALL to be! From that moment on “Hot Without Heat” was born.